Business Continuity Plan

HORAN Wealth's Business Continuity Plan is the set of processes to manage a wide range of incidents and events, from health and safety incidents to business disruptions and reputational damage. The timeframe for resuming critical business operations may vary based on the nature and severity of the emergency.

The Plan consists of the following phases:

1. Identification & Assessment

The identification and assessment phase consists of the gathering information and analysis activities in determining the type and scope/severity of the incident. The identification activities include notification or detection of an incident. The assessment activities include evaluating the type, scope, and severity of the event or incident. From there, the applicable response and recovery responsibilities are determined and carried out.

2. Response & Recovery

Once an event or incident is identified and assessed, the response and recovery activities are performed. These activities include the internal and external communication and managing the recovery efforts back to normal operations.

3. Continuous Improvement

After operations are stored back to normal, the continuous improvement phase seeks to evaluate and improve of the current IR processes. Continuous improvement activities include documenting the events and steps took during the incident, discussing the effectiveness of the current process and provide lessons learned from the incident, and test or review the Incident Response Plan periodically. 

The Business Continuity Plan, and any updates to the plan, is reviewed regularly by designated members of HORAN Wealth's Risk Committee. 

It is the policy of HORAN Wealth to continually improve and refine the Business Continuity Plan through the testing of business continuity procedures and processes, and by leveraging advances in technology. Therefore, the plan is subject to modification, at which time an updated summary will be promptly posted on our web site. Alternatively, customers may obtain a summary by requesting a written copy by mail or upon request.