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We understand the critical need for a well-managed retirement plan that maximizes the opportunity for employees to build a future. Our dedicated team of retirement planning experts provide insights rooted in industry best-practices throughout each stage of the process, from plan design to ongoing plan participant education and engagement.  

From implementing plans that drive healthy savings among employees to providing personalized advisory services to individuals approaching retirement readiness, HORAN’s dedicated team is with you every step of the way.   

As advisor, our role is clear—we work with your committee, your plan participants and your chosen recordkeeper to build a well-designed and well-run plan that best meets the needs of your workplace culture.

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A Holistic Approach to Retirement Plan Consulting

Structured for Your Success

When you become a HORAN client you don’t just have a relationship with your plan advisor—you benefit from the collective power of the entire company’s experience and expertise. Your strategy is informed by dedicated, experienced individuals that go the extra mile to ensure the approach is the right one to meet your needs.

Strategic Plan Design

Plan design is the conversation between your culture and your budget—understanding and properly prioritizing plan features to not only meet the needs of your plan participants but also your bottom line. 

Investment Oversight

By employing a qualitative and quantitative approach, HORAN’s team assists your committee in monitoring and managing your plan’s investment portfolio. 

Fiduciary Best Practices

HORAN helps reduce your compliance concerns by collaborating with you to identify your greatest areas of risk through our In-Depth Risk Assessment report and enhancing your protection leveraging fiduciary best practices. Click here if you are interested in a complimentary retirement plan risk assessment.

Employee Engagement

By engaging your plan participants throughout their retirement journey, HORAN is uniquely positioned to work with your plan participants every step of the way. From remote resources to personalized one-on-one consultation, HORAN strives to promote retirement readiness regardless of an individual's age or income.

Fee Transparency

As a fiduciary, your role is ensuring that your participants are getting the best value from your advisor—not simply a low-cost solution. HORAN’s philosophy of fee transparency and fee levelization ensures that the value we bring is clear and that no one class of your participant population bears an undue share of the cost. 

HORAN Can Review Your
Retirement Plans for
Audit Preparedness

We are committed to helping employers understand and fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. Please click the link below if you are interested in a complimentary retirement plan risk assessment.

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