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In today’s environment, top executives seek benefits that go beyond traditional group insurance. We partner with you to improve the recruitment and retention of top-tier professionals with executive benefits, retention and incentive programs.

Your organization will benefit from best-in-class products and solutions that will allow you to recruit and retain top talent to propel your business forward.

We offer a variety of services—from insurance solutions to total rewards packages—that are highly valued by these individuals. We listen generously and collaborate with you to build a premier executive benefits package. 

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Executive Insurance

Life Insurance
Most group life insurance plans have benefit restrictions and portability limitations that adversely impact employees. Many companies offer their employees high-value supplemental coverage in the form of permanent life insurance. Permanent Life Insurance can provide benefits that are not typically available in group plans, such as true portability, level premiums and tax-deferred cash value accumulation.

Group long term disability (Group LTD) is the most common form of private disability insurance provided by employers. It often provides sufficient income replacement for the majority of an employee population but may not address the income protection needs of higher-income key employees or an executive group.

Business Insurance

Business owners face a triple threat when it comes to a death or disability. They need both personal disability income (DI) and life insurance protection as well as solutions to safeguard the business. A properly structured plan includes these protections to retain key members of your team, execute effective succession plans and drive business continuation when a death or disability occurs.

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Our retirement experts collaborate with you to develop, customize and implement a retirement plan that maximizes your benefit dollars.

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