HORANalytics Databyte: Breast Cancer Volume 2

Insights | HORANalytics Databyte: Breast Cancer Volume 2

At HORAN, our mission is to help employers provide a better quality of life for employees and their families. This mission drives our investment in the HORAN Financial Analyst think tank. The think tank is fueled by the team's ability to analyze claims data to guide clients and drive action, we call this

Recently, our Financial Analysts concluded that breast cancer claimants who did not get a mammogram cost the health plan $4,914 (or 21.2%) more than those who did get a mammogram. HORAN is a strong advocate of mammogram screenings in an effort to better employees' quality of life and improve health plans.

To underscore these findings, HORAN interviewed Lisa Larkin, MD, FACP, NCMP, IF, a board-certified internist practicing internal medicine since 1991. She is the owner and President of Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates, an independent, multispecialty practice offering direct and concierge primary care. Larkin is a breast cancer survivor and frequently lectures on women's health topics, writes articles for community publications and appears on local news outlets to discuss women's health issues. Through her research, Larkin has shed light on specific factors that impact a woman's risk for breast cancer including lifestyle choices.

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