HORANalytics Databyte®: Hypertension

Insights | HORANalytics Databyte®: Hypertension

At HORAN, our mission is to help employers provide a better quality of life for employees and their families. This mission drives our investment in the HORAN Financial Analyst think tank. The think tank is fueled by the team's ability to analyze claims data to guide clients and drive action. We call this HORANalytics®

Hypertension, or abnormally high blood pressure, is the most prevalent chronic condition found in HORAN's book of business claims data. Unmanaged hypertension, when high blood pressure is not controlled with lifestyle modifications or a prescription drug, increases the risk of cardiovascular conditions such as heart disease and stroke. HORAN's Financial Analysts found that when hypertension goes unmanaged and escalates into more severe cardiovascular conditions, the average additional cost for employers is $16,766 per member per year.

To underscore these findings, HORAN interviewed John J. Szawaluk, MD, FACC, FAHA, FASH, FSCCT, Specialist in Clinical Hypertension at The Christ Hospital Physicians-Ohio Heart & Vascular Center. As a non-invasive cardiologist, he specializes in clinical cardiology, hypertension, echocardiography stress testing and nuclear cardiology. Dr. Szawaluk is passionate about helping patients control and manage their hypertension to help them lead a healthier and longer life.