HORANalytics® Databyte: Rx Adherence

Insights | HORANalytics® Databyte: Rx Adherence

At HORAN, our mission is to help employers provide a better quality of life for employees and their families. This mission drives our investment in the HORAN Financial Analyst think tank. The think tank is fueled by the team's ability to analyze claims data to guide clients and drive action. We call this

HORAN recently interviewed Amy Mechley, MD, with Integrative Family Care in Cincinnati, Ohio, to discuss her thoughts on the impact of prescription drug adherence. According to a recent HORANalytics® analysis, increasing prescription drug adherence by 10% on hypertension and diabetes medications lowers associated medical costs by 2%. The analysis also showed a 10-15% increase in adherence by offering hypertension and diabetes drugs at no cost to the employee. Dr. Mechley shared her viewpoint as a family physician on the importance of prescription adherence  as well as steps employers can take to encourage their employees to fill and take their medications as directed. 

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