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Understanding the complexity of plan design options and critically evaluating the effect they have on your plan participants is a necessary touchstone for any retirement plan.  
At HORAN Wealth, we understand that proper plan design is critical at the beginning and also as an ongoing process as objectives of the plan sponsor change over time. By meeting to establish intentions and then updating those goals over time, we can best ensure that your plan is designed to meet the ever-changing demands of your organization, your plan participants and the changing regulatory landscape.

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Together, We Can Build a Better Strategy

Evaluate Design Implications

By critically evaluating and understanding plan design implications, you and your committee can more easily assess the best options for you.   

Improve Retirement Readiness

Apply select design features to better impact the retirement readiness of your participant population.

Benchmark Plan Designs

Evaluate how your plan measures within your industry through a regular and objective benchmarking process.  

Communicate Regulatory Changes

Remain on top of a shifting regulatory landscape and understand how those changes might affect you.

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